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Ashrama Anniversary Celebration and Annual Function 2018

Day 1 : 25th March 2018
1.Installation of an idol of Ganesh Ji at the entrance was done along with some puja rituals  by Swami Sarvatmananda
2. The shodasi upchar puja offered to  Sri Sri Thakur Ma and Swamiji in the shrine
3. in the evening a cultural event was organised in the ashrama in which eminent speakers presented their talks on the lives of such enlightened souls who had dedicated their lives at the holy feet of Sri Ramakrishna.
4. The program concluded  by rendering several soul stirring bhajans
5. The annual magazine Debakshar was released
Day 2 : 26th March 2018
1. Abhishek of Shri Ragunath Ji
2. Chanting of Vishnu Sahshranam and Ram Naam Sankrtan
All the Devotees participated in the functions and partook prasad on both the days
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